Troubleshooting The 2013 Samsung TV Bluetooth Module

2013 Bluetooth Module Troubleshooting

New additions to the Contact Samsung Menu and Factory Service Mo e screens have made troubleshooting the 2013 Bluetooth modules more direct and easier. To troubleshoot the 2013 Bluetooth module, follow these steps:

  1. Check Bluetooth Address on the TV’s “Contact Samsung” support menu.

2.  Check the Bluetooth F/W Version on the Factory Mode screen.

3.  If errors exist in either, then check the Blue Tooth Module Connector Voltages in both the Standby and TV Power-On conditions:

The Bluetooth Signal and Sync Pulse voltages in the table on the previous page are their effective DC Readings. If a scope isn’t available, use a standard Multi-Meter for measurements.

• If the DC voltages are missing, check the cable and Main Board feed.
• If the voltages are OK, but the BT Sig. pins (DC Ref.) voltages are missing, the BT Module is likely defective.

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