Samsung 2013 LED TVs “Self Diagnosis” Test to Troubleshoot Picture Problems

You can use the new, 2013 LED TV Customer Self Diagnosis Picture Test to troubleshoot 2013 LED TVs models with FRC control (120Hz or 240Hz). The Picture Test can help you determine if there is Main/LVDS, T-CON, or Panel failure.
To access the Picture Test, select Menu -> Support -> Self Diagnosis -> Picture Test.
Running the Self Diagnosis Picture Test

  1. Enter Picture Test.

3.   Run Test 2: The test pattern is from the T-Con (pre). If it’s OK, the problem lies in the Main Board or LVDS.

4.   Run Test 3: The test pattern is from the T-Con (post). If it’s OK and Test 2 failed, then the problem lies in the T-Con Board.

5.  At the end of the Picture Test, the TV displays the results. In the sample  on the right, the TV failed Test 1 and Test 2, and passed Test 3. The problem is in the T-Con Board.


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